Ideas for decorating with Wainscoting Panels

Published: 21st January 2011
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When contemplating revamping your interior decor or giving your rooms a complete makeover, using wainscoting can add incredible features when it comes to accomplishing a wide range of atmospheres and expressions. For example wainscoting panels would remain perfect in providing depth as well as size to each room You can beautify your house using several wainscoting ideas.

What exactly is wainscoting? It is a popular method of decorating, it uses molds to cut horizontally across a room This will mean you only have two main areas to decorate, which include the lower and upper wall.

Using beadboard models are the preference of many people, it consists of precisely measured square planks of vinyl, wood, ceramic or any other mateial organised within a ribbed design. For practicalities sake in selecting these wainscoting panels, it will be advisable to read more about the types of materials you are picking.

As an example, there are many wainscoting panels created from various kinds of wood, ranging from pine to beautiful mahogany. You may see a huge variety of natural, warm colors that could only be offered by wood.

Wood is more prone to scratches, discoloration and water damage, which makes this material less ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Though smaller scrapes can be softly buffed out, larger ones may be permanent.

Additionally, there are tasks such as staining, polishing as well as other process to follow. Because of this, wood wainscoting panels are traditionally used in formal or low traffic areas such as home offices, formal living rooms and libraries.

Less cost effective but much more sturdy are the vinyl wainscoting panels. But, given that this long-lasting plastic will be nonabsorbent, it's not as likely to stain easily or get watermarks. These panels are really tough and very resistant to any type of scratching. Hence, it's actually great material for kitchens as well as bathrooms where incidents are more inclined to occur.

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